Adventures in the U.P.
Nature is the scariest and most beautiful thing on this planet.  Nature can mean a lot of different things.  Nature can either be a park near your subdivision, or a nationally protected piece of land.  To some lucky people out there, nature is their backyard.  I had the great opportunity to spend a little bit of time in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with Gavyn.  We found an amazing AirBnB in the city of Dunbar.  We could not resist the listing after reading that it was on a Christmas tree farm with horses, sheep, chickens and lots of land to adventure.  After arriving and getting some food to eat we immediately spent some quality time with the haflinger horses. 

The sun set pretty early that night so we spent some time inside playing board games, watching movies, and drinking wine.  For the record, I did lose at Jenga, but i will prevail next time!  

The next morning we went back to say our goodbyes to the beautiful haflinger horses.  Took our last photos of these majestic creatures and went on our way.  

I will forever remember this place.  I tell Gavyn all the time that we are going back in the summer when it is warm and even more beautiful out! 

Next time you decide to take some time off work, or are looking for a way to get out of your house.  Consider somewhere that immerses you in nature.

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