In math, physics, logic, chemistry, biology, and etc.  You encounter equations that are filled with constants, dependents, independents, and variables.  Variables are placeholders that are meant to be replaced with reliable evidence.  Once the correct number of the variables have been replaced.  The equation should have a solution.  One of the simplest equations we encounter on a daily basis is the fraction.  Fractions take a whole number and convert it into a simple equation. For example the number 1 can also be defined as 1/1.  This is what I started with when creating my interpretation of architecture.  
The variables, Light, Mass, Void, and Energy are the simplest forms of the equation.  Then Light and Mass are responsible to become Shadow, and Void and Energy are responsible to become Space.  When only  Mass/Mass times Space/Space over 1 is all that is left we have completed the equation.  The most important part of the equation is using your own interpretation of the variables.  What does light or mass mean to you? What is a void, and what energy will it be filled with?

Enjoy your Journey.


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