Studio Gang Architects took a sustainable initiative and used their green roof to grow more than basic herbs and ingredients.  They took on the challenge of growing a hearty wheat to hopefully be Harvested, Threshed, Milled, and finally Baked into something amazing.
 The team and I started early that day and tried to get as much done before the sun became too much. The team that came, harvested all the wheat by hand.  The wheat was harvested by hand, because Studio Gang wanted to retain the wild plant life growing below the wheat.
Once the harvest was over it was sent to OMNI Eco-Systems to be threshed, and tested before the milling process.  The wheat was threshed by the OMNI team as well as an after school program for local grade school students in the area(EEE). 
OMNI had created their own technique for threshing.  They attached a home made contraption to a drill and let her rip.
The grain, after passing the appropriate tests, was sent to Baker Miller to be milled and baked into something delicious.  The flour turned out to be a very nice whole grain pastry flour.  Baker Miller will be making cookies with this amazing flour.
The flour is one of a kind.  To be grown on a roof, and hand harvested it is truly:

F(i)rm to Table
Once the flour was fully ready for baking, the bakers at Baker Miller took to the Kitchen.

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