An exploration of the move "The International."  My Partner and I were given a 1 minute segment and were told to re-create the space based on the clues given in the film.  The trick was that the building was the Guggenheim museum.  So, we already knew the inside and had to move away from what we knew and create something only we saw.
As a team we decided our piece of the film made the Guggenheim museum look flat despite a few frames giving way the actual radical shape of the museum.  We then ran the images through a number of edits in photoshop. The frames were edited to exaggerate the drastic contrast of light in side of the space. 
This part of the film is a time when the bad guy is talking with a client about a business proposal.  So it brings us to a new intimate area of the Guggenheim not seen before.  Before we were given only broad views of the Guggenheim and now a personal setting has been revealed.  Unveiling a two distinct experiential scales inside the Guggenheim. 
So we created a 12x12x12 model to convey the spatial qualities of the one-minute segment.  In the drawing below we gave notice to all the flat moments by shooting plan view photos of the model.  Then, in each corner, to show other important moments in the model we included an axonometric section of the model.

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